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I created this website to rid ourselves of labels as human beings. Labels don’t belong to PEOPLE. And in our highly consumeristic corporate run society, I think it’s time to create and find a place to be human again. To remove our labels and simply engage from a real place as fully highly dimensional beings. My desire is above all to begin to create a directory of sorts, of all the people who feel labeled in different ways, so that we may find each other, reach out and connect. It isn't about creating groups per se, but keeping our individuality in tact, honoring it while still getting the dialogue going between people naturally and breaking through the isolation that can come from labels.

I believe that labels are the most destructive elements in our language and to our human existence. They rob us above all of our humanity. They dehumanize, dismiss, discredit and encourage a one-dimensional view of each other and ourselves. If you feel you are labeled in any way, this is the place to write your story about who you actually are.

Human beings and their points of view or experiences are simply far too complicated for labels to ever do them justice and it robs us all of the larger experience of being human together - And our own larger and greater potential. They disrupt and shutdown the beauty of true human connection which is often deeply dimensional.

And all too often labels get used by marketers, politicians, to divide and conquer, to make us feel less than, inferior, not good enough. They bombard and sell us our own inadequacy in a multitude of ways across every variety of human dimension so that it may create the demand to their supply, the demand for the products they create to make us “feel better” after convincing us we are not enough!

Here - you are good enough exactly as you are. But all dialogue begins with speaking. And if it is to truly be humanly productive then it must be spoken from a point of truth. So this is your chance to speak your truth. The other piece involved in dialogue is listening. By posting your stories others get to listen to your story uninterrupted and begin to see the real you.

Hopefully, they will recognize their their own real selves in your story. Then a more tolerant, reasonable, considerate and truly productive conversation can begin to take place.

This is not a place to debate because that is all just simply more of the same and it keeps divisions alive and does not elevate us toward solutions. It disrupts our ability to move forward.

We can only do so when we can stop defending ourselves against each other and begin working cooperatively. That requires a more equal dialogue. This website is about planting the seeds to establish that.

Simply to practice the art of speaking our truth and listening. It is a place to learn the basics of the art of human dialogue.
it is about elevating the conversation- Changing it and how we actually do it by doing it differently.

By learning the true skills involved in dialogue, hopefully we peel away the layers and begin to see the humanity that exists in all of us.

So this website is dedicated to ANYONE who feels labeled, dismissed, invisible, seen as one-dimensional or inaccurately. This is your chance to speak your truth against perhaps a label that’s been given to you by other or that you’ve adopted in some way perhaps. It’s a place to share and connect with others who also feel they have been wrongly labeled.

It’s an opportunity to examine and change our language, understand it’s importance and begin to truly dialogue in a way that allows for our humanity, not labels that remove it and corrupt our public as well as private discourse with each other and even ourselves.

I initially devoted this website to people who had had negative experiences with the mental health system at large; whether it was psychiatry, psychopharmacology, psychology or any other sector of the mental health system. Why? Because I believe that is an area where people get stigmatized and labeled the most.

Once given a psychiatric label, you are labeled for life. And the impacts can be profound, even destroy a life. I know this because I witnessed this in my own life first hand and I share my story of how and to whom that label was given that I believe changed the very life course of a number of generations in “My Story”. Yes even in today’s day and age, people can still get destroyed by labels and this is why I believe they are so destructive.

But what does it actually mean to be stigmatized? How does that translate into experience? It means one is thrown away, dismissed, discredited, unseen and unheard. And there is no word worse than “crazy” to discredit a person.

No curse word, racial slur or economic put down removes a person’s credibility the way “crazy” does. It is the grand equalizer of all put downs and why it is so effective. You can take anyone down with that label no matter how powerful they might be or same. And one word can do it all - that - is the power of language.  

There is no worse word to call someone in the English or any other language. I know in recent years there has been a move to “de-stigmatize” people with so-called “mental illness”. But in my mind, it hasn’t worked for a variety of reasons. And in some ways has only worsened the labeling, solidifying people into roles for life that might have previously been periods in their lives.

Furthermore there are many critics out there that see “mental illness” as more of a social construct than a scientifically provable disease.

Many argue that there is no evidence to prove that it actually exists as a biological disease (even though before my recent breakthrough that led to this website), I believed this chemical imbalance theory to be true for a huge portion of my life, because that’s what I was told about my father.

But this website is not here to legitimize or delegitimizate the notion of “mental illness” as a disease someone is born with. Not all mental states of being are created equal nor born from the same source and therefore not the same. It is more importantly about the damage done by the label alone, whether one believes it to be a bio-chemical disease or not.

Once the label is signed off on by people like doctors it cements it in like no other. At that point it becomes societally sanctioned off on, and this is the most powerful piece. It is like being unilaterally signed out of the human race by majority vote. Good luck being human after that. Because it removes the most vital component to being a human being and that is connection and belonging. A diagnosis means you now belong to “the other”, a new identity and a potential vehicle for scapegoating and conversely lack of accountability on the side of all parties, by the recipients and those who dole out the diagnosis.

Any credible doctor, scientist, or medical practitioner outside the realm of mental health with the highest degree will admit that diagnosis is at best even and still only an educated guess. Even mainstream ordinary doctors complain that ridding a person of a diagnosis is one of the hardest things to do even in cases of misdiagnosis. I would argue that in all areas of medicine - diagnoses may not be the best course of treatment for anyone anytime. Treating the problem is.

And yes, there are aspects of “diagnosis” that can be helpful - even life changing, by helping us better understand what we might be looking at, but it’s central motive can be all too easily and quickly abused and if one is not careful can actually become life-destroying for all involved.

This is why I caution against labels. How we “treat” the need to use diagnosis may be the real question - and the much more important one whose answer will lead us to actual solutions. And this website is the beginning of my proposed anecdote.

I developed this website in many ways as a cautionary tale, but even more so, as a renewed place of support and hope devoted to a future filled with possibility. And above all a place to find that human community.

A few years ago, I myself made several discoveries that changed not only my life, but entire perspective toward what I say has been a journey to get my life back after years of a struggle I didn’t even know - I didn’t have the words for.

This is also why I believe language and story are such powerful tools in not the “healing” process but simply life process. And also why they are such an integral part of this website.

We must each find our voice and its exact words before we can even understand what our experience has been, where we are or what we want, much less where we are headed. And it is through understanding our story that we not only find ourselves but often each other as well.

The goal of this website is to provide stories and resources that may help you on your own path in finding your particular truth and what works best for you.

My goal is to create a place where you can begin to tell your story or share it and perhaps find pieces of yourself in those of others. And in so doing begin to build your own sense of community. Simply because who couldn’t use one? And support is the salve to the pain of isolation which labels result in.

Whether you use it as a place to begin doing your own research, find solace or or just reach out. My hope is that it can act as a resource for you and safe place to come where you know you will be valued and find others that share similar values, and where we may even learn to not just accept our differences but celebrate them. It is a place to openly discuss your point of view and find others of like mind.

In “My Story” I share the resources that helped me along the way in their entirety because each added a different layer and perspective that was like a clearing of the clouds, one piece at a time that finally allowed me to see my own light, the one that is inherent (there all along and which no one can take away).

It is my hope that perhaps the pieces may come together for you too but in your own way. We must each find those that work for us as we construct our way forward. My only desire is that what you find here may be helpful enough to allow you to shine brighter in your own journey, maybe even brightest of all.

And that it allows you to solidify your own credibility and contribution on this planet. I’m convinced now we all have one. It seems much of our purpose is only to find it, especially against what can seem like dark and stormy clouds, at times. I hope you may find some sunshine here.