Conclusion: My Story

If I can help be a beacon of light in your own struggle, help ignite even a spark of questioning about where and what your own situation might be and lead you closer to your truth. Then, I have done my job. Thank you so much for the incredible time it has taken for you to read this.

I apologize in some ways that it was long, but there’s a lot to say after not being able to speak for a lifetime. And if your story is just as long or longer, that’s fine with me. I just think it’s important to tell it. It’s important to our human community. And you never know who may resonate with it and find a piece of themselves in it.

Now you also know why I have a website called Because in my world it was the labels that did and continue to do the most damage. It is that which ultimately has and continues to divide us. Because as long as you don’t have one, you’re safe. So who would in their right mind ever willingly give up that safety zone? The problem is that it’s a false safety zone and no one knows that better than those who have been given a label.

I survived without ever being given one except for by my family, which did enough damage to make people believe I’d been given one. And those who’ve been given one to feel a certain kindred spirit with me. What does that tell you about the power of them?

So why not then listen to and learn from those who have had the strength to come out the other side of those labels? It may be just like getting stuck at the top of the Ferris Wheel… they may have the best view of all.

So I encourage all the “experts” to let go of their labels and all the letters after their names that give them supposed greater and more credible value and try going without for a while. You might find that it just might be the greatest view you’ve ever seen. You may just see your own authentic self. And finally see that of others. As my dad used to say, “try it, you might like it”.

If there is anything you get from my story I hope that is it. Beware of labels both “good and bad” and beware of taking them on or dishing them out. It is human understanding to me that should be sought the most, not labels.

I realize in telling this story, yes I’ve gone into the past. But there was a reason. I wanted you to understand who my father was from the beginning, not at the chapter when he became two words. I realized as I was writing it, I needed to rewrite his history, if not, just for the sake of my own family and posterity. So that-those after him who maybe didn’t know him pre-diagnosis understand he was so much more than a diagnosis and also what he went through as a result of it. But mostly that they know he was a rich and full human being with so many incredible life-giving qualities.

In many ways, my dad was pure love. Yes flawed like all of us but just if not more beautiful, deep, rich, funny, kind, incredible, inventive, creative, filled with a passion for living at the heart of which was a desire to simply and truly connect.

I’m not interested in rehashing tragedy, but moving out of it to rediscover ourselves, the parts of ourselves that got shutdown or hurt along the way. To open the door back up to them again and allow them to live again, free of judgment. And injected with a renewed sense of purpose and meaning – and to understand the real definition of power.

The purpose of this website is to chart a new way forward for us. Only to revisit the past, in the sense of moving beyond it and getting validation that the problem may not have ever been YOU! It is a very flawed system and it needs our help to improve!

If you are in the system and being massively medicated. Your behavior may be explained by the effect of these drugs. Yes, these drugs may have made you act crazy or feel crazy. Read “Anatomy of An Epidemic” to find out exactly how and why. Or find Peter Breggin’s “Simple Truths About Psychiatry” on Youtube or go straight to his website and begin reading his books!

The only problem is that coming off of these drugs is incredibly dangerous and must be done with a doctor’s supervision. In fact with some you can actually die if you come off cold turkey and they state it in their black label. It is true of benzodiazepines, and it is a condition called “status epilepticus.” Also you can look up “drug-induced parkinsonism” which these drugs can also cause along with a host of other horrific side effects. This is what my father suffered from and I believe died of.

And this is where we still have much head way to make. Because while there are plenty of doctors who will get you on these meds, few actually really know how to take you off of them safely. So we have to work together as a community to help support each other in finding ways forward whether it be on or off the drugs.

Hopefully this can bring to you what it did for me and my father-a vindication I could never have imagined and a new life of greater freedom and choice - one where I have felt welcomed back into the human family and a community I didn’t know existed.

It is a literal international movement calling for change. And I definitely no longer feel alone. You can find much of that community at on the Dr. Peter Breggin Hour and hopefully here too in growing numbers. And all the places they refer you to.

This information literally gave me the ability to do again what I imagine my father would have wanted most for me - the ability to self- define. My hope is that what you find here will do the same for you.

I am putting together a group of people to present these stories in in theatrical format. If you are interested in getting involved, please let me know.

I have considered starting support groups for families and consumers alike like AA or Al-anon, one for each, but I notice that we are not a community to whom group activity comes easily, perhaps because of our backgrounds, or our fierce independence by necessity or nature, and the traumatic experience of coercion.

This is why I have just created it as a gathering place and leave it up to individuals to reach out to each other and each build their own support networks that work best for them. Some people you may click with more with than others. But support is the salve to the isolation born from shame and stigma. It is the belonging that we all need as human beings. Thus my latest definition is we are “the human community”.

If you have or know of any resources for information or alternative treatments, please post them on our resources page, share your information. Reach out, or just visit occasionally whatever works best for you.

Above all at least you know we are here. And you are no longer bound by the label you may have been given. It’s time to free yourself, re-invent and redefine! SELF-DEFINE!

The goal of this website is to be a resource center and place of support where you can come to find empathic support and understanding, not societal judgment and isolation. We do however support children so if any of your content is mature, this would not be the place to explore those kinds of experiences. Thank you for your consideration and time!

I hope you will check out our #metoo/NOMORELABELS! social media campaign and participate! Simply write on your hand, “NO MORE LABELS!”, snap a picture of yourself and post it in our gallery, then onto Facebook or do it using one of those fancy apps on the phone like Wordswag or Over, which lets you superimpose words over a picture of yourself. Or feel free to also save and share any of my memes like “the definition of crazy: EVERYONE”…

I’ll be working on getting a line of t-shirts out with my different sayings soon that are in the t-shirt/meme gallery! And feel free to tune in any time to my radio show, which I will also be posting on the website here, but also on my youtube channel, “comealivewithmk” in my “people’s radio show playlist”.

If you’d like to come on my show as a guest and tell your story I welcome you with open arms! That’s in large part what it’s for! And please stay in touch or join our community to find and meet other people like you. That’s what it’s about! I’m paying out of pocket to host it, I hope you will use it!


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